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    +++ Revisions to the last version:
    The measure was subdivided in "Vehicles with longitudinally and transversally installed engine".
    The total rotatability of the dual-mass flywheel has been reworked for the individual engines; additional engines and E-series were added. A new note "Attention" was supplemented and the corresponding video was attached.

    There are 3 criteria to avoid the exchange of the dual-mass flywheel :
    1.Total rotation angle by hand (torque below 20 Nm, see Pic 1)?

    2.Bearing play on the outside diameter of the secondary side.
    Slightly press the secondary side of the dual-mass flywheel e.g. with your thumb towards the engine end until a resistance can be felt. Hold the secondary side in this position and set this position as "0". Then slightly pull the secondary side in the opposite direction e.g. with your finger until a resistance can be felt and make a note of the lift in relation to "0" (picture 2)?

    3.Changes on the surface of the dual-mass flywheel due to thermal load.
    Discolourations (Pic 3 and 4) and hotspot (Pic 5) on the friction surface are permissible and do not justify a part exchange.
    Part exchange is only permissible, if

    1. The total rotatability is greater than or equal to:

    1.1. For vehicles with transversally installed engine (F4x, F5x)

    BMW/MINI with B37TÜ0: 14 gaps
    BMW/MINI with B37TÜ1: 18 gaps
    BMW/MINI with B38: 16 gaps
    BMW/MINI with B47: 14 gaps
    BMW/MINI with B48: 15 gaps
    BMW 4-Cylinder N-engines: 14 gaps

    MINI with N14 or N18: 03 gaps

    MINI with N47 or N47T: 06 gaps

    1.2. For vehicles with longitudinally installed engines (F1x, F2x, F3x, G3x)

    BMW with B37 and B38: 16 gaps
    BMW with B47: 11 gaps
    BMW with B48 and B58: 8 gaps
    BMW with 4-cylinder N-engines: 14 gaps
    BMW with 6- and 8-cylinder N-engines: 08 gaps

    2. Tilt clearance on the outer diameter is greater than or equal to:

    BMW for all engines: 5 mm

    MINI for 4-cylinder engines (without B47/B48): 3 mm
    MINI with B37/B38 and B47/B48: 5 mm.

    3. SIGNIFICANT discolouration in the neighbouring area OUTSIDE the friction surface (image 6) or
    melting on the friction surface (image 7).
    Parts replacement only if one or more of the three criteria have been met. Document all 3 criteria in the warranty document.

    Attention: In multiple BMW and MINI applications, dual-mass flywheels are used with a centrifugal pendulum. The damper masses of the centrifugal pendulum are flange-mounted within the dual-mass flywheel and are freely movable. Manually shaking the removed dual-mass flywheel generates a metal rattling noise (see video, attachment), which is quite typical and does NOT indicate to a defect component!
    A part exchange is thereby not permissible.


    These criteria do NOT apply for vehicles of Motorsport GmbH.


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